Breaker's world

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For this game, I am primarily working as a technical designer on audio and cinematics. On the cinematics side I’m working on some for dialogue, narrative, level transitions and tutorials.

Here’s a few of them in the raw form. Below these you can see some them added into our first game play trailer.

I’ve also done some systems work as well. I’ve helped track down bugs for the weapon system and fix them. One of the systems I’ve created is a fast travel system for the player. We wanted something that could be interacted with in the world. So I created this system which uses world space UI. This is still a work in progress.

On the technical audio side of things, I’ve been helping out with implementing dynamic audio. Currently, I’m working on dynamic music that changes based on where the player is at in the world, or if they are in combat. You can hear this in the following clips. Currently, the sound effects are placeholder.

Music is by Kyle Griffith

Technical Audio

3 Videos